Gymnastics HallMotor skills hallDancehallKitchen
Institutions, schools etc.625,- kr./hour685,- kr./hour172,- kr./hour
Sports clubs: approved and enrolled in new arrangement with Aarhus Kommune181,- kr./hour685,- kr./hour80,- kr./hour
Private625,- kr./hour935,- kr./hour172,- kr./hour200,- kr./hour

If you wish to book one of the halls you will first need to create an account in our booking system. When your account is created, send an email to or call 86211999 to book your desired timeslot.

You can see the available timeslots on our calender. Remeber to choose between the gymnastics hall and the motor skills hall.

Please note: During the weekend the motor skills hall is 935 DKK. an hour.

It is possible to book an instructor: Please contact